The aim of the Course is to give the opportunity to students of music to widen and improve their practical and theoretical skills through participating in a specific, intensive programme of work consisting of classes for individuals and for groups. The course is intended for students from the last intermediate level course, for those from any course of the higher level, post graduate students and music school students.


Violin                                                   Catalin Bucataru ("MUSIKENE" San Sebastian Conservatoire)  
   Tatiana Samouil (Conservatorio Bruselas)  
Viola Natalia Tchitch ("MUSIKENE" San Sebastian Conservatoire)  
  Guy Ben-Ziony (International Soloist)  
Cello Pal Banda (Purcell School London)  
Flute Diego Aceña Moreno (Staatsorcheter Kassel)  
Piano Daniel Ligorio (Conservatorio del Liceo)  
Accompanist FCIMV
Maria Angel García (Bath Spa University)  


Individual lessons in technique and musical interpretation: All students will receive from their professors a minimum of five lessons lasting 60 minutes each, during which they will develop their instrumental technique and work on two or three works of their own choice. Classes will be given in the morning and afternoon starting at 9.30 finishing around 19.30. The maximum of students for each professor shall be 10.

Chamber Music lessons: all students that choose this option in the enrolment form will be part of chamber music groups, under the direction of one of the professors of the course

When, in the professor’s judgement, the group or student has prepared its chosen work sufficiently, it will be performed at a public concert. In case the number of participants outnumbers the expectations, there will be an audition prior to the concerts, in any case the director of the course will take the final decision.


The course will begin on 16 August and will end on the 20 August with the students’ concert. The day of arrival to the accommodation is 15 August, and the day of departure is the 21 August in the morning, before 12.00.

The application fee (130 euros) has to be transferred at the time of application, the tuition fee, chamber music no later than 25 July.

Individual lessons

Application fee: 130€
Tuition fee active: 120€
Tuition fee listener: 100€

Chamber Music

Tuition fee active: 75€


*   All those students who want to take a second instrument they can do it at the price of 125 euros only.

Account holder: Asociación de Amigos de la Música de Cámara Vitoria-Gasteiz
Concept: Student Name/Group + Instrument
Account number: IBAN ES70 0030 3400 7100 0046 5271/BIC-SWIFT ESPCESMMXXX                                   


Important: in case the FCIMV is cancelled because of the COVID-19 or because we don´t have enough students to celebrate it, the amount paid will be refunded

Students applying as part of a chamber music group only pay one inscription fee regardless of the number of musicians. All students are advised to bring the scores for works they wish to work upon individually (piano parts included). Also they will be in charge of carrying their own insurance.